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IMSA – seeking mild, moderate, and severe asthmatics; seeking healthy participants

Severe asthma, which affects approximately 5%-10% of asthmatics, is poorly understood and difficult to treat. Researchers think that people with severe asthma may have differences in their lungs and blood, when compared to people with milder forms of asthma or no asthma. The purpose of this study is to look at these differences and find out if how they are related to outcomes over one year.

See full IMSA summary and criteria here.

NICLA – seeking moderate asthmatics

People who are overweight and have asthma often experience more severe asthma symptoms and find that their condition is harder to treat. Researchers think that overweight individuals may have a different type of asthma that does not respond as well to commonly prescribed medications.  In addition, there is a condition called Metabolic Syndrome (a group of factors occurring together that include high blood pressure, increased blood sugar and elevated triglyceride and cholesterol levels) that may impact asthma and other health problems.

The purpose of this study is to understand how higher body weight and metabolic syndrome impact asthma. These compounds are also being evaluated as an affordable treatment that may improve the health of people with both conditions.

See full NICLA summary and criteria here.

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